Music, Brotherhood, Service, Social, Business

Brothers – 

At our 2016 Province 5 Convocation held at Lyrecrest on September 9-11, chapter officers from all six chapters in the Province came together to share experiences, learn firsthand from the National Staff about the new resources available to chapters, and grow together in Fraternity and in leadership.

As the start of the event, newly-installed CPR Will Koch led the group in a discussion that would serve as a framework for the entire weekend: a consideration of the five elements that make up our fraternity: music, brotherhood, service, sociability, and business. With conversation on each, a foundation was laid that brothers were encouraged to base the trajectories of their chapters off of.

As an alumni member, I think back to the times when I was most in tune with the Fraternity during my undergraduate years, and each of these five things is present there. Yes, some play a larger role than others, but the organization would either crumble or not be Sinfonia without all of them. We are who we are as Sinfonians because of our commitment to these elements. 

This week, when you have a moment, take a brief opportunity to reflect on your fondest memory as a collegiate brother. What was it about those times that resonates strongly today? Can you reconnect with the people that made it possible, or reinforce the principles that led it to be? Cling to those things – the people and the elements. They truly are what make this Fraternity worth being in, and what drive us to strive for success and growth.

Welcome to Fall, brothers, and Hail Sinfonia!


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