Province 5 Workshop Recap 2016

If nothing else, we made beautiful music.

Of all of the things brothers could have taken away from the Province Workshop held in Evansville on February 19-21, the one I would most want them to hold on to is the feeling they had during the Mills Music Mission. We had 35 brothers come together and sing for the residents of the Evansville Protestant Home, and each of them had the chance to make a lasting impression through song.

As I told the audience, we knew we weren’t the Boston Pops, but it was our music, and we were happy and privileged to bring it to them. From the messages our brothers and I received, the music we brought was greatly appreciated.

Outside of the Mills Music Mission, the dominant theme of the workshop was “Tough Decisions Made Well.” Thanks to the diligent work of our CPR, the brothers were split into equal size groups and given a scenario to approach as an executive board would. They had a large amount of time to meet, discuss the scenario, and come to a consensus decision. 

On Saturday night, each group presented their scenario, their decision, the pros and cons of their decision and the ramifications of their decision. They were all able to explain their rationale on prompts that ranged from risk management issues to chapter culture crises and probationary member debates. 

As a whole, the chapters all had a chance to work with each other in new and engaging ways, and all came away with a renewed sense of the need for civility and structure in decision making, as well as an appreciation for diversity in the executive setting.

Other items of note from Province Workshop:

  • Will Koch (Epsilon Upsilon ’15), Yusef Carr (Xi Upsilon ’11), and Chad Brown (Iota Psi ’12) were elected Collegiate Province Representative, Assistant Collegiate Representative and Province Webmaster, respectively, for the 2016-2017 school year. Congratulations!
  • The delegates of Province 5 voted to partner with Province 37 (Northern and Central Illinois) to sponsor a booth at the 2017 ILMEA Conference in Peoria. Exact commitments will be determined at a Province Council Meeting later this semester.
  • Congratulations to Adam Schroeder (Xi Tau ’14), the 2016 recipient of the Mark R. Lichtenberg Province Leadership Scholarship!
  • Ben Hutchison, National Collegiate Representative, visited the Workshop on Friday night and presented on national topics and offered to video conference with chapters going forward.
  • Many thanks to the brothers of Epsilon Upsilon and the University of Evansville for playing gracious hosts, and to Immanuel Lutheran Church for providing housing for our traveling brothers.

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