Province 5 Workshop 2016 – Come, Make Music With Us


As the new year gets into full swing, we look forward to not only activities on college campuses but regionally and nationally. We will have more details about upcoming Fireside Conferences and Leadership Institute soon, but this post concerns the annual Province 5 Workshop, and how brothers of all ages and stations will have opportunities to connect with the Fraternity and participate in our most cherished traditions.

The annual Province Workshop, which will be held at the University of Evansville from February 19-21, gives the six chapters of our province the chance to come together to receive training, updates from Province leadership and the National Fraternity, and build bonds and relationships with their brothers across the states. All brothers are welcome to participate in the workshops, meet Province and National leaderships, and help elect the next province leadership team.

This year, we are excited to feature a chance for all attendees to come together and participate in one of our most sacred and inspiring traditions: the Mills Music Mission.

The Mills Music Mission is one of the biggest differentiating factors between us and every other fraternal society: going into places where music is needed and providing it with no expectation or desire for reward in order to make that place better for everyone.

We will be hosting a Mills Music Mission as part of workshop, and all alumni brothers are invited to attend. We will be meeting at Wheeler Concert Hall on the campus of the University of Evansville at 11 a.m. to briefly go over the pieces we will be performing – fraternal songs, songs from the Mills Music Mission, and a brief piece for men’s chorus by John Rutter. After rehearsal, we will break for lunch before meeting at the Evansville Protestant Home for the MMM. 

If you can not stay for the entire workshop, I would encourage all brothers who are able to come and share this experience with brothers of all generations. We are looking forward greatly to our time together, and hope you are able to come, make music with us!

Fraternally yours, in Phi, Mu, and Alpha

Ben Luttrull

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