Peace on Earth, Good Will To Men


As we enter our holiday season and reflect on giving and on our own family traditions, I want to take a brief moment and share with you this reflection:

We honor the memory of our Founder and his passion for bettering the world through music with our Mills Music Mission. Each year, thousands of brothers from hundreds of chapters go into the community to bring a message of hope and a song of good cheer to those who need it the most. We do this because, more than any money we could raise, we see the power of music impact lives and lift spirits.

Christmas music has a particular way of misting people’s eyes. I participated in our community’s Holiday Pops for the first time this past weekend, and although the work I put in as a chorus member had jaded me to the pieces we were singing, feeling that sense of communal song was hard to describe. We hold these tunes as sacred, even if we treat the season less sacredly each year. 

As we dive into these songs, embrace the power they hold, and the feelings of joy, warmth, and celebration they elicit in us. Let there be nothing but the truth in our caroling this year. 

Brothers, on behalf of myself, the P5 Leadership Team, and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays to you, your families, and your loved ones.

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