Honoring a Legacy, Championing the Object

Many provinces have traveling trophies – an object of some value, often accompanied with many layers of inside joke, that is passed around chapters within the Province as a way to build relationships between the chapters and encourage travel across the province.

Province 5 has a similar trophy, the Platypus, that I’m not entirely sure where it’s located. While getting the Platypus is still an object of several inter-chapter trips, there was an expressed need for the Province to have a big award that rewarded chapters for achievement, not just for participation. 

Thus, in 2014, the Province inaugurated the T. Jervis Underwood Cup.

 Dr. T Jervis Underwood, with his wife Carmen, at the 2015 National Convention in New Orleans
Dr. T Jervis Underwood, with his wife Carmen, at the 2015 National Convention in New Orleans

The Underwood Cup is named after former Governor of Province 5, National President, and 2009 Robert J. Rodgers Lifetime Service Award Recipient Dr. T. Jervis Underwood. Dr. Underwood’s contributions to both our province and national Fraternity would fill volumes, and include the faculty advising of Epsilon Kappa and the chartering of Iota Psi. He was active as a flute professor and university administrator, on top of being an outstanding performer (The piccolo solo in The Sinfonians by Bro. Clifton Williams was written with Dr. Underwood in mind as the performer).

The Underwood Cup, then, seeks to honor its namesake by honoring the Province 5 Chapter that does the most outside of itself to better music in the community around it. Chapters submit records of fundraising, community service, pro bono private lessons and other contributions to public music education in their hometowns. As the year goes on, 

Many of our chapters do events with these ends in mind: Epsilon Upsilon’s UE Idol, Beta Theta’s April Fools Recitals, Xi Tau’s bowling fundraisers, on top of the two Jazz Festivals hosted by Iota Psi and Epsilon Kappa and the fundraising efforts of Xi Upsilon. The Cup seeks to recognize and encourage more of these events, and also to make a record of the efforts of the chapters as they live the Object.

The Cup, in it’s inaugural award, resides (poetically enough) with Iota Psi. Updates to the points standings will be posted at the Cup’s page on this site here. If you would like more information on the Underwood Cup, please contact me at pg5@singonia.org.

Long Live Sinfonia!

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