Finding the Why – Province Convocation 2015

This past weekend, the officers of Province 5 gathered at Lyrecrest for our annual Province Convocation. By all accounts, it was the best one yet:

  • All six chapters had multiple brothers present, including all six chapter presidents
  • We awarded Brother Yusef Carr ’10 Xi Upsilon (Eastern Illinois University) with his Challenge Coin for his service in the Army National Guard
  • President Mark Lichtenberg took questions and addressed the state of the fraternity and his vision for the upcoming triennium
  • Officers received logistical training, and we received a thorough breakdown on reporting from Brother Eric Smith, Fraternity Services Coordinator

The most poignant activity, for me, was led by our Assistant Director of Programs, Brother Brandon Smith. He led a group discussion on a question that, when answered properly and honestly, has incredible consqeuences:

Why Sinfonia?

It’s a question I ask myself regularly, and a question each of us is wise to consider regardless of our place. Why do I do what I do? Why do I put so much effort into not just this fraternity, but music?

Each of us must answer this question individually, and our answers are as unique as we are. However, they all are variations on a common theme – a theme of Sinfonia. This fraternity means so much to us because of what it stands for, and what it demands of us as members. 

The brothers present, at least as much as they said aloud, left recharged and reinvigorated for the year ahead, in part because of their time dwelling and discussing the reasons why we do what we do. I hope that, going forward, you are able to take time to do the same. 


Ben Luttrull

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