A New Year, A New Triennium


I hope this message finds you well!

After three years of growth, and a phenomenal Convention in New Orleans, we are ready for a new Triennium. Looking back, I’m humbled by the opportunities and people I have been able to meet as governor, and I’m excited to continue to meet and work with more of you in my travels and efforts.

One of the new things this triennium will feature is more messages like this one. I hope to monthly have a blog where I can share updates from our six chapters, announce changes and programs from the National Fraternity, and make myself more open to as many brothers throughout the Province as possible. To that end, these blogs will be distributed via email in a new take on a province newsletter. Alongside our province leadership team, we will be doing more than ever to share information not just with active collegiates, but with the hundreds of alumni in southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Southeast Missouri.

 The brothers of Beta Theta performing at the 2015 Province 5 Workshop
The brothers of Beta Theta performing at the 2015 Province 5 Workshop

Organizationally, Phi Mu Alpha is in a good place. We are taking necessary steps to ensure our structural health, moving forward with improved and reinvigorated communications efforts, and growing at a faster rate than at any point in our history. By number of chapters, we are the third largest social fraternity in the country. With new structural efforts such as the GINsystem platform and online chapter and probationary member reporting, we are building a house that will stand strong through time and technology.

Idealistically, we stay in tune with the mission of our Founders. As men of music and men of the highest type, our brothers are making our world a more livable place. In the semester ahead, I am eager to share with you information about Mills Music Missions, rituals, American Music Recitals, and other opportunities for brothers of all ages to come together to Sing As One and advance music in America.

The power of music, be it performance, education, advocation or appreciation, can enrich and change the lives and worlds we interact with. Anything I can do in my position to help connect you with brothers and opportunities to revel in and share that power, I want to do. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me through email – pg5@sinfonia.org – with your messages, ideas, concerns, and needs. I am here to serve, and can connect you with the people, resources, and opportunities to help you get everything you want out of our Fraternity.

Brothers, I am excited for our future, and I hope that this is the start of a new relationship between you and Phi Mu Alpha.

We are Sinfonia!

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