Two Letters To Start The New Year

 The view from the backdoor of home
The view from the backdoor of home

Brothers – 

I truly am excited to be able to welcome you back to school and to the start of the final year in the 2012-2015 Triennium! It has been an honor to be able to see all of the growth and productivity that has come in the past two years. All signs point to this third year continuing the pattern of growth we have come to expect from ourselves and each other. 

Thank you to all who attended Province Convocation this past weekend – not only do I hope that you take back tools and ideas for your chapter, but I hope that you also were able to be inspired and reminded of our Fraternity’s potential. As we move forward together, take those ideas and inspirations and enact true change for good in the world

A few more remarks from Governor Luttrull:

  • Fall Sprawl will be held in Carbondale at some point mid-Fall, with exact dates and times to be announced later. Iota Psi will be hosting the Province Mills Music Mission in late March/early April, and more info on that will come later.
  • As announced at Convocation, the P5 Leadership Team will be accepting proposals for hosting workshop. If your chapter wants to host workshop, write up an email why and send it to Cameron. We need to know who is willing before we pick and date. Know that, for Workshop, we are asking to commit for a Friday-Sunday and for the reservation of your main concert space on Saturday night for a Province Musicale.
  • We have run into issues with online payments right now, and nobody is more frustrated than me. Please know that you still have the option of paying dues to the chapter, who then turns around and sends them to Lyrecrest with the chapter report (same as always). That said, please be willing to work with us as we roll out better online reporting tools and continue to offer more ways to pay.
  • Get hyped for UE Idol, football games, Vespers, Homecoming, and all sorts of chapter and campus events by letting us know when they are. Travel is not only allowed, it’s encouraged, and the more fun you’re having is the more fun to be shared.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you soon!

With Warmest Regards,

In Phi, Mu, and Alpha, 

Governor Luttrull



Starting tomorrow and going through the middle of October, I’m taking a vacation from active province business and Fraternity communications. 

 This is from 2007. Please don't kill me, Rachel.
This is from 2007. Please don’t kill me, Rachel.

As most of you may know, I’m getting married on September 6th to the woman I love more than anything. We have gone through a lot together to get here, way more than worth going through in this or any blog post. Having the opportunity to spend time with her has always been the utmost priority to me, and I want to be sure that the start of our new life has everything I can offer. To do that, I’m going to be letting Cameron take the bridge for a while while I retire for some Earl Grey, hot.

If things just blow up, or if a true crisis emerges, then I will get my cape out as needed. However, if you approach me with Province business for the next 7 weeks, do not be offended when I turn it over to Cameron. He’s more than capable to answer any question that may arise, and knows where to turn for help if he gets stumped.

The plan is that, around October 15th, I come back to the Province refreshed, recharged, and better than ever. 

 Much more recently, with my cousin Junior
Much more recently, with my cousin Junior

My advice to you as you get this year off the ground: have fun while you can. Before things get crazy with practices and juries and homework, enjoy each other’s company. A fraternity without love is a weak fraternity, just like any relationship.

Enjoy your time back, and I’m looking forward to seeing many of you soon.


 Rachel would say goodbye, too, but she's busy doing actual stuff while I'm writing this blog
Rachel would say goodbye, too, but she’s busy doing actual stuff while I’m writing this blog


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