Agents of Change – Workshop Postscript 2014

Brothers – 

It’s been over 24 hours since workshop officially closed, and yet here I am still quivering in excitement and anticipation. It’s a kind of delirium that always hurts when reentering the world after an exalted fraternal experience. It hasn’t gotten any easier for me to leave province and national events; at times, it seems like it gets harder the more I grow and experience as a Sinfonian. That is a true testament to our brotherhood, and to the individuals that comprise it. 

I look around me and I see a world that is crying out for the power of music. Whether it is when watching the news, going to work, meeting with people, or even visiting the cities and schools we call home, we are surrounded by discord, depression, anger, and conflict. These things are solvable, at least in part, through the power of music and the changes that can happen when one when exposed to the opportunity to perform, experience, and appreciate the kind of music that we have first-hand experience seeing change a person’s life.

We must be agents of change, brothers. I firmly believe there has never been a time in our modern history where we are more equipped to achieve our Object – not only do we possess the tools necessary, but we also, more than ever before, are in tune with the dreams, visions, and inspirations that give us the passion and motivation to use those tools to their sublime heights. We have the ability, all of us, to make this world better for each of its inhabitants. 

This is why I’ve been so anxious about this particular workshop, and why I am still anxious and excited as it has passed – I see, in you, the potential to achieve all of this and more. Through initiatives like the Underwood Cup and the Lichtenberg Scholarship, I hope that I emphasize just how much this means to me, and also how much I am willing to contribute to empower you to accomplish this vision. Actions will always speak louder than even the most eloquent words, and I am ready for actions to start.

Workshop Housekeeping

  • Congratulations to Arthur Scoleri, the inaugural recipient of the Mark R. Lichtenberg Province Leadership Scholarship!
  • Additional congratulations to Cameron Thomas, JR Davis, and Brock Trader – the new CPR-elect, ACPR-elect, and Province Webmaster for Province 5! I look forward to working with each of you, and am excited to see you grow into your new roles as the province keeps growing and doing more.
  • Written information on both the Underwood Cup and the Lichtenberg Scholarship will be coming to the website soon. I’ve had several of you come to me asking for clarification, and I will be providing it as soon as I format it properly.
  • Don’t forget that Province Dues are now due on March 15. As you can see, we are going to be doing a lot more with our resources, so it’s important that we get everything in on time.
  • Citations. Do them. The end.

Finally, some thank you notes

  • To Dakota Morgan and the brothers of Xi Tau: Thank you for all of the hard work you put in towards securing facilities, and for opening up your beautiful theatre to us. Thanks to your efforts, we had everything we needed for the weekend to happen. 
  • To Ben Kosberg: the amount of sacrifice and hard work you have given to this fraternity is staggering. We would not be where we are today without you, and Saturday’s ceremony could not have happened without you. I am so grateful to be able to work with someone so trustworthy and willing to go all the way to accomplish something.
  • To the alumni in attendance: it was an honor to meet all of you, and I regret not being able to shake each of your hands. We stand here in part because you paved the road for us, and it was truly an honor to recognize all of you for your well-deserved honors.
  • To Daniel and Andrew: It has been a pleasure seeing both of you grow into your respective positions, and you both make me extremely proud to represent and serve this province. Special thanks to Andrew for his inspirational presentation on Friday night. 
  • To Ed Klint: I always learn something new every time I hear you speak, and I’m always sure to soak it up each time. This time was no exception, but it was extra special to welcome you back to Province Five. Thank you for your countless contributions to our brotherhood.
  • Finally, to all of you: I am so grateful to serve you all. It is one of the things I hold dearest in my life, and each of you inspire me to push myself to go farther and further every single day.

I am so excited for the future, brothers, and workshop only took that excitement to new and unfelt levels. I plan on doing everything I can to empower you to change the world, brothers. On and ever upward, forward never backward!


In Phi, Mu, and Alpha, 



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