Workshop 2014

Brothers – 

I’ve let this forum fall to the wayside as I’ve communicated with you, and for that I apologize. This blog is a way for me to directly address you with what is on my mind, and with Workshop coming up in less than two weeks, I have had a lot on my mind. Hopefully through this, I can show you exactly why I’ve let this workshop take up a lot of my attention, and a lot of it starts with this question:

Over the past school year, I’ve had the chance to sit back and watch you guys as you go and do. From a great officer summit, to my official visit to Beta Theta, to my attempted official visit to Iota Psi and Epsilon Kappa, to my phone calls and chats with many of you, no one has had quite the front row seat as I have to the happenings and products of our province and our brotherhood. I’ve seen things that make me incredibly proud, and things that have helped guide me on where I can provide the most assistance. 

But, as much as anything, I’ve felt like something is missing.

It isn’t anything or anyone specific, and that’s why it’s been puzzling me. A nagging sense that there is something that isn’t happening, or a goal that isn’t being accomplished, or something that we’re all missing. It’s kept me up at night, invaded all my thinking about our fraternity, and prompted me to reevaluate almost everything I do. It hasn’t exactly been fun, but it’s been worthwhile. It involves a lot of deep thinking, conversation, and action on my part. 

I don’t think I have *the* answer, per se, but I do think I have an idea. The idea isn’t completely formed yet, but the seeds have been planted in my head and some action steps have been taken. I’ll be sharing with you all what these action steps are, but here’s the idea:

Much of what we do is insular. All of us have our projects that we do for the community and for our campuses, but the majority of the actions, projects, and efforts send to benefit ourselves and ourselves alone. More to the point – the majority of what I do have done my role as governor has been insular. There’s a lot of paperwork, forms, and meetings that have a lot of importance, but they don’t really lead to a sense of true accomplishment as much as they do a sense of duty fulfillment. Instead of empowering you to change the world as brothers, I’m instead doing what I can to make sure that you are meeting the bare minimum of expectations.

Do I care that you are living up to our expectations? Absolutely. Will I do everything I can to ensure that your rituals and education programs are up to my standards? You had better believe it. Will I do everything in my power to see things through that need to be accomplished? Please believe me when I say that I will do whatever it takes. 

However, it is on me that I haven’t given more of those kinds of efforts and energy into helping you go above and beyond, and using my powers as governor to help, encourage, and expect you to change the world for music.

My idea: do as much as I can do make sure that my efforts going forward do as much to help you change the world as I do helping you maintain it.

At Workshop, I look forward to showing you how. 


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